5 Ways To Dress Your Kids Fashionably For Shaadi Season

shaadi season dresses

With winter right around the corner, it is necessary to address the elephant in the room. How do you dress your kids up without you having a complete meltdown, wondering what will look not only pleasing but also comfortable for your child?

Don't know what to dress your kids in for a wedding? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Check out our comprehensive guide to the best clothing for any children's formal occasion.

Let Kids be Kids

You'll get upset when your angel runs around the dance floor, jumps up and down, or skids on her knees. Regardless of how you want your kids to act in public, that is what children typically do during desi weddings. Ochre's wedding dresses for girls are the perfect balance of fashionable and modish without sacrificing comfort or style.

Allow children to wear something that won't be quickly ruined if they get dirty. It shouldn't make them look heavy or too made up, either. They ought to dress the role. They are just kids!

Add a Pop of Color

Children look adorable in pink, peach, pastel, coral, and parrot green tones during the day. Carefully choose shades of teal, turquoise, yellow, and red for your little ones if you are going to a night event.

While pastels and neutral shades are in fashion, remember that ordinary fashion rules don't apply to kids. Make them wear something just as vibrant and energetic as their personalities.

Use Accessories to Accentuate Clothes

While a full face of makeup might not be the best way to doll up your little one, a bit of accessorizing goes a long way!

A cute satin bow for your little lady is exceptionally adorable. Adding some accessories gives them more "oomph." Little girls appear particularly sweet when sporting fairy shoes, sparkling jewelry, or headbands with oversized bows.

To add grace to kids' eastern wear in Pakistan, you can also choose eye-catching tiaras, such as floral crowns or plastic versions, to complement their dress.

Even a simple design will be significantly enhanced by adding a lovely brooch to their clothing if you're thinking of something more straightforward.

Make Sure You Have the Right Size

Eastern wear, while the cutest in tiny sizes, can be dangerous in the wrong size.

Kids are notoriously famous for running around in practically anything they wear, whether it's a gharara or a churidar pajama. Getting the right size ensures that the clothes fit and look perfect but also guarantees safety from falling, tripping, and potentially getting injured on special occasions. The last thing we want is a grumpy baby.

Consider The Season

When choosing clothing for a wedding, it's crucial to consider the season and weather, just as you would with your apparel. No child will like wearing a button-down shirt and shorts in the winter, nor will they feel comfortable wearing a floor-length navy gown in the middle of the summer. (If feeling cold is a problem, you can always pack a cardigan or a jumper.)

When dressing for the Shaadi season in Pakistan, November and December come to mind. Making Khaddar or Chiffon is great for winter.

Pro Tip: if you're eyeballing a pretty lawn cotton dress that doesn't quite seem right for winter, go for it anyway! You can style lawn and cotton with a stylish jacket or layer it on top of a t-shirt. Who said being creative isn't an option?

Remember that time is of the essence when getting your children ready, along with these suggestions.

Final Words:

To ensure that you don't overlook any aspect of your child's appearance, make sure, before leaving home, you double-check their dress, hairstyle, etc. It is always best to dress your child first before attending to yourself. Lastly, keeping an additional set of clothes for your children when you go to a wedding is a complete game changer in case of unexpected occurrences.