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Girls and Boys Eid Collection 2023

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end the enthusiasm of Meethi Eid begins and there is no better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than with Ochre's fabulous Girls and Boys Eid Collection.

Children love to dress up on this special occasion. Buying from our Eid Collection from our exclusive stores will be the most satisfying experience with your precious angels as we offer a wide variety of intricately detailed and stylishly designed Eid clothes for this festive occasion. 

Our festive Eid Collection is vast and each item is adorned with detailed embellishments the use of rich fabrics and vibrant colors are sure to mesmerize you and your little ones. 

Online Eid Shopping

Sometimes stepping out during the busy Eid season can be tiring, hence Ochre offers its complete Online Eid Shopping Collection. Making it very easy for you to browse our full range in the comfort of your home and getting your selected items delivered conveniently to your doorstep. 

So whether you want to buy Eid dresses online or visit our stores you will find the same impressive Eid collection for your children to enjoy. 

Medley of Colors and Designs in our Eid Collection

Ochres refreshing and vibrant designs in luxuriant fabrics and stylish cuts are each perfect hand finished to make your cute little ones look and feel the best and they will definitely stand out at any celebration as they enjoy with their family and friends on this joyous occasion.

Eid is all about celebrating with your loved ones and our team at Ochre strives to make beautiful memories as you adorn your children in our designs and relish every moment with them!